Always ask your landlord questions

In most cases, a landlord doesn’t have to give you his personal information or even tell you if he owns the property. And while most landlords won’t hand over their personal information to a prospective tenant, a good landlord will be happy to answer a few questions. Here are a few you should ask:

  • How long did the last tenants stay? 

If a landlord tells you the previous tenant only stayed a year, ask about prior tenants. If you notice a pattern of people leaving when the lease is up, there may be a problem.

  • Who handles your maintenance?

Most properties need small repairs and maintenance from time to time. If a landlord says he handles small repairs himself or hires a local company, there’s a good chance he takes care of his properties. If he can’t answer right away, be wary.

  • What’s the neighborhood like?

Most good landlords care about their properties enough to keep an eye on the neighborhood. If the landlord doesn’t know anything about the area, that could be a red flag.

Research the history of the property

Finally, before you sign a lease, make sure your landlord owns the property and the property isn’t in foreclosure. While it’s rare, some people try to scam unknowing renters by claiming to be a landlord of a property they don’t own, taking security deposits and first month’s rent before disappearing.

The likelihood of a scamming landlord is small, but if you’re concerned, you can find property records at your local courthouse or online through your county’s website.

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